We've tried to make it easy to browse among our many products...

How do I find the right type of skirt for me?

Within each category you can select the type you like for example A-line, pencil, straight, trumpet, etc. Here's a guideline to these different types of skirts. You can easily search or store by entering keywords in our search box  for example "white denim skirt".

How do I find my size?

Skirtz&Co‘s collection houses several different brands and designers. Some brands are Missy Size or Junior Plus while other designers are true to size (Women's and Women's Plus).  We have attached the size charts to assist you in picking the correct size.

You can browse by size within each category. There are four different size groups:

 Missy Size clothing has a smaller fit, usually ranging between US size 0-14. 

XS= 0/2, S= size 2/4, M =size 6/8, L= size 8/10, XL= size 12/14. Please contact us if you have any questions so we can get you the right size.

2. Womens: has a regular fit for women, according to the regular US/ Canadian sizes. Below is a guideline to the Womens Sizes. Please allow a discrepancy of 0,5" in the individual sizes or contact us for any questions.

3.Junior Plus: smaller Plus sizes, usually sizes range between 14-18
XL=14/16, 2XL=16/18, 3XL= 18/20

4. Womens Plus: regular Womens Plus sizes. All of our Womens Plus is ranging between 20-26. Note: we only carry skirts and tops in Womens Plus. For dresses please see Junior Plus size chart.


Any further questions? Please contact us and we will be more then happy to assist you in picking the perfect size!